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You're not reading this. Nope. Don't believe you. At least, that's according to statistics. Visitors simply can't be bothered to read carefully crafted copy. You have only a few seconds to convince them that you are the answer to their prayers. Fortunately, a few seconds is more than you need to win them over. With our help.

We make you look like you look like a market leader. Make your sole-proprietorship look like a 50-person company, or your 50-person company look like it's in the fortune 500. One glance and they'll be convinced. That's all you'll get anyway—one glance.

Oh, one more thing, we're also highly technically skilled. We build rich, flexible, powerful applications in a variety of technologies. We'll build you a solution that will last years and years, that can have any features added or removed at will, that will truly be a joy to work on and upgrade. That's not easy, but it is necessary.

Our technical specialties

Case Studies

Mitek's powerful corporate brochure site

Responsive Website Design Example

Mitek is a publicly traded San Diego corporation best known for creating the software that allows banking customers to deposit checks with their smart phones

When we started, Mitek was a 50-person company selling their software to some of the largest corporations in the world. They needed to look bigger than they were.

We built Mitek a Drupal-powered website featuring a custom responsive layout, css animation, parallax effects, a rich administrative back end, custom photography, search engine optimization. We also provide other design services to Mitek including trade show materials, app design and user experience design.

Check out the Mitek website

FaceTec's scaling RESTful API architecture

RESTful Scaling API Architecture

FaceTec, Inc. is a Las Vegas based startup which first gained notoriety when it introduced facial recognition software for Google Glass to assist people suffering from prosopagnosia, dementia, and other conditions which make recognizing friends, family and acquaintances challenging.

Since its launch FaceTec has extended its core facial recognition algorithms into a diverse offering of services, requiring a powerful API to process requests from thousands of mobile devices and third party services.

Other Half Full, Inc. has been engaged as a developer for FaceTec since the company's inception, and has built a powerful scaling RESTful API which handles traffic spikes well over 1000 requests-per-minute without compromising security, performance or usability.

The API is hosted on AWS using a variety of services including but not limited to PHP, Symfony, RDS/Aurora, Redis, Memcached, Elastic Beanstalk, RedShift, S3, CloudFront, Gearman, OAuth2 & Elastic Search

More information about FaceTec, Inc.

GEO Semiconductor's digital graphics

Trade Show Design Custom Graphic Design Illustration Custom Web Design Web Interface Design

GEO Semiconductor is a San Jose based IC design firm that builds video processing chips most commonly used in automotive and home automation cameras.

GEO was building a new website and needed a firm to produce custom graphics and a trade show booth for CES. We created a variety of graphics to illustrate their different product offerings, and placed them for use on GEOs website and tradeshow booth.

The tradeshow was an overwhelming success and GEO is able to target bigger fish now that they appear so much larger than they are.

More information about GEO semiconductor

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